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Grow Your Hair with Scott Cornwall

For those who are looking to grow their hair healthy, strong and long in 2014 Scott will be running a growth network via his Facebook page 'Scott Cornwall Hair Expert' . Starting in December 2013, Scott will be giving specific advice, ideas and tips to not only gain length but obtain hair health.

Within the Scott Cornwall Hair Consultancy website you will be able to download the latest advice PDF's and also find links to other resources.

To become a part of the network, you will firstly need to start tracking your hair growth on a month by month basis. To do this, your first step is to take a photograph of your hair now (as it is). Each month, you update the photograph to begin documenting your hair journey. At the end of 2014 - Scott will take some of the most impressive hair health and length transformations and create a time lapse video to show other people what is possible (for hair) within 1 year.

For information on the correct ways you should document your hair growth (via photographs) please click here.


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