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About Scott

Scott Cornwall is both a hair expert and hair product innovator.  Scott's recognition and success was found with his creation of the 'Hair Consultancy Method' a unique set of principles and teachings that enable the individual to not only understand their hair type, but also the cuts, colours and looks that work exclusively for them.

Within his practice (as a technical hair expert), Scott began working in the fields of  fashion styling.  Receiving many referrals from image experts who sought a specialised hair technician to conduct intricate colour or retexture services.  It was during this time, Scott began to recognise principles for image and wardrobe colour analyisis did not translate directly to hair.  He therefore set off on a path of research and education (within the image and fashion world) to create a unique method for Hair Analysis which enabled each client to be taught their own hair via a set of categories and principles.


Nearly 10 years later, Scott Cornwall's method of hair image and colour analysis still helps people completely unlock their hair image potential.   To understand more about Scott's Hair Analysis Method click here.

As a product innovator, Scott identifies gaps in the hair retail market - which are preventing consumers achieving specific results or effects (safely) at home.


Most notably, his work as the definative name in retail technical hair products started in 2008 when he begun to discuss bringing a colour removal box kit into the home via Boots stores.  Subsequently, millions of women (and men) around the world have now used products which feature Scott's name and face on the side of the box.













Under the 'Scott Cornwall' trademark, Scott continues to innovate other home producs which enable effective and safe results. 










In addition, Scott himself seeks to help all his customers via direct and online support.  In particular, Scott's Facebook page 'Scott Cornwall

Hair Expert' gives retail consumers direct help

and guidance in achieveing hair results

safely at home.


To review Scott's current hair product

portfolio please click here.

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