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Scott Cornwall Hair Products

Shine On is a 'salon style' colour glaze which creates long term shine, lustre and vitality.  The secret of the A Lister, colour glazing is an effective way to produce shimmering colour effects in both artificial and natural shades. 


Shine On mixes and applies just like a traditional hair colourant, it contains collagan and the lowest level of peroxide possible to evoke colour change.  Results last up to 24 washes.  Shine On is suitable for all hair types, but gives particular effect to the following:-


  • Highlighted hair seeking a 'Jennifer Aniston' edge

  • Naturally curly, frizzy or unruly hair that lacks natural shine

  • Grey hair types that seek the feel and texture as evoked by a  'permanent colour'

  • Any colour or hair type that desires increased lustre and vitality


Shine On can be used in between salon visits and home colours to improve the appearance of shades.  The product features no PPD's or Ammonia.


This is a one use item






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