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Scott Cornwall Hair Products

Decolour Stripper is an ultra kind product designed to gently remove both natural and artificial colour pigments to produce a safe natural base for subsequent recolouring to a lighter shade.   The product is designed for use immediately prior to application of a permanent colourant, to enable the creation of an effective lighter shade without the risk of damage to the hair as seen with traditional bleaching. 


Decolour Stripper contains a low level of peroxide (20 volume/6%) and has a controlled creme formula designed to lift only 5 levels.  It is also suitable for safe lightening of dark regrowth (on light blonde bases) and produces effective Ombre results when applied using the 'Decolour Ombre' method.


The produce can be used on all seasonal bases who wish to overlay the correct 'lighter' or 'tonal' shade (within a permanent colour) for their specific seasonal category. 


This is a single use item.






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