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Scott Cornwall Hair Products

Decolour Remover is Scott's kindest hair colour remover yet.  Able to effectively remove unwanted darker (or tonal) permanent colour pigments safely but without altering the underlying shade.  Feauture a conditioning creme base, Decolour Remover shatters artificially colour pigments enabling them to be safely flushed from the hair.


Decolour Remover is a completely effective way to remove and reverse unwanted darker and tonal colour (such as red).  Particularly suitable if you are looking to change your hair colour or revert to your true base shade. 

The Decolour Remover Creme can also be used for partial removal and for the creation of 'Ombre' effects.    The product contains no peroxide, ammonia or PPD's and is safe to use on all types of permanent and (peroxide based) semi permanent colour.  


This is a single use item.






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