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Industry Training


Hair is an area of your clients life they are constantly forced to deal with.  Within the realms of wardrobe colour analysis and style it can often be the facet  most prone to going astray of being misinterpreted.   An outstanding job of getting the wardrobe image just right - can be let down when the hair still appears off kilter. 


If you are an Image Consultant or Fashion Stylist who wishes to understand the field of hair better - in order to offer your clients a more detailed service or even increase profits - Scott offers a selection of hair related training aimed exclusively for you.


Training courses include:-


  • Hair Colour Theory in relation to Wardrobe Colour Analysis

  • Hair in relation to Style Category (understanding cuts, methods and hair type)

  • Finding and working with a hair salon to increase your business profits


All courses are designed for Image and Fashion professionals only.   To understand more about Scott's courses and how they work, please download the 2013/2014 Industry Training Prospectus below:- 


2013/2014 Industry Training Prospectus PDF

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