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Classes & Clinics

"I attended one of Scott's classes and it has completely changed how I view and manage my own hair.   Scott's skill at 'unlocking' your true hair image and colours is beyond exceptional.  Since following Scott's advice I have never before received so many compliments on both my hair and appearance."   Heather, London.

Within Scott's Classes and Clinics, he is able to work with clients on discovering and unlocking their true hair potential.  This happens via a process of Hair Colour Analysis and Hair Image Analysis.  In the third facet, Scott will teach clients how to manage their own hair, be that via a salon or at home.    Industry training is designed exclusively for the trained hair or fashion professional, who seek to grow their own business, profits or service portfolio.


The most popular service 'Classes' deals with both Hair Image and Hair Colour Analysis.  This is a group environment for 6 people.




121 clinics offer those individuals (who prefer to discuss their hair issues outside of a group environment) the chance to obtain hair analysis.




Industry Training is designed exclusively for (qualified) hair and image industry professionals who wish to understand the priciples  of the opposing field. 



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